I grew up in Tiong Bahru with my classical pianist mother who made me practice everyday from the young age of five. After I finished my two hours of practice on the piano and violin, I had to help her prepare the family dinner. It was my reward for practicing and I enjoyed my dinners so much as I was hungry! It was also my job to cook rice in a pot and wash the vegetables and pound the spices. That was how my journey with cooking began.

 Over the years of performing concerts I invited my friends in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra to a dinner every month. Cooking and hosting was my way of unwinding after performing. One day my Taiwanese violinist friend said to me I should do private dining as I liked hosting and cooking, and was good at it . That’s how I started Lynnette’s Kitchen in 2014. 

I was a founding member of the symphony orchestra since the beginning in 1979. Performing the violin as Co-Concertmaster and cooking for family and friends are my true passions in my life. I enjoy every dinner I host and meeting new people, some who have followed me in the concert stage over the years.