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An exclusive home private-dining experience

Choose Six Courses & One Dessert

Inclusive of One Vegetable

Design your own dinner party





Sides (Complimentary)


Sacher Torte: Austrian Dark Chocolate Cake


Itek Tim Soup

Duck soup cooked with kiam chye, sour plums and XO brandy

Herbal Prawn Soup

Fresh big prawn shell on with Chinese herbs, American
ginseng, wolfberries and red dates

Bakwan Kepiting Soup

Pork meatballs with crabmeat, prawn, fish and organic fresh bamboo
shoots in homemade chicken stock and sliced fresh organic
bamboo shoots and daikon (with or without fish maw)


Grilled Japanese Squid

Stuffed with glutinous rice,
shitake mushrooms, and Hae Bee Hiam
with truffle oil herb chilli vinaigrette

Nonya Laksa

With steamed prawn, quail eggs, fishcakes,
cucumber, bean sprouts in a homemade coconut
prawn stock, spice gravy, garnished with laksa leaves.

Assam Pedas Snapper Fillet

with sweet pineapple gravy
OR baked on a banana leaf;

Chilli Crab

With Peranakan spices
and fried Mantou

Braised Crab

With homemade stock, young ginger, fried garlic and
rice wine with or without Bee Hoon

Steamed Crab

With chilli, young ginger,
rice wine and lemongrass

Assam Pedas Big Prawns

With sliced honey pineapple
(shell on /or de-shelled)

Tamarind Squid

In squid ink, lemon grass, sliced green
and red chilli and truffle salt

Grilled Jumbo Prawn

With homemade pesto sauce

Fried Crispy Big Prawns

With salted egg and Hae Bee Hiam

Otak Otak

Spicy fish cake wrapped and grilled in banana leaf

Nonya Snapper Fish Head Curry

With okra (ladies fingers) and eggplant

Mee Siam

With tamarind prawn stock, steamed prawn,
tau kwa, boiled egg and calamansi

Fried Hokkien Mee

With pork, squid and prawn in homemade
prawn and chicken stock

Sambal Prawns (deshelled)

AND/OR Squid


Buah Keluak Prime Pork Ribs

Organic Kampong Chicken or Oxtail Stew

Beef Shin Rendang

Beef Short Ribs Rendang

Lamb Shoulder Rendang

Slow cooked and bursting
with hints of coconut.

Ox Tail Rendang

Slow braised in spices, tamarind,
and coconut milk

Ayam Rebung Lemak

Kampong chicken in coconut and
fresh organic bamboo shoots curry

Ayam Pedas

Kampong chicken and
long beans in spicy coconut gravy

Minced Chicken and Vegetables

In Hoisin sauce
lettuce wrap

Babi Pongteh

Pig’s trotters in taucheo
and coriander sauce

Babi Assam

Braised pork belly in taucheo
and tamarind sauce

Ayam Kleo

Kampong Chicken with spices
and coconut milk

Hati Babi

Deep-fried pork liver meatballs with
pickled mustard greens

Roasted Char Siew

In special homemade honey
marinade sauce


Wing Bean Salad

With Gula Melaka, apple cider vinaigrette
and cherry tomatoes

Chap Chye

Vegetables stew with fried tempeh in homemade stock with black fungus, shiitake mushroom and lily stems

Sayur Lodeh

Vegetable curry with fried tempeh, tau kwa
and coconut milk

String Beans

Fried with sambal, fried tempeh, water chestnuts
and sweet chai poh (radish)

Pumpkin and Bitter Gourd

In black bean sauce and soft tofu

Sambal Kangkong

With hae bee and homemade sambal belacan

Tempeh Goreng

Fried tempeh and tau kwa in spicy tamarind sauce
with lemongrass (with or without prawns)
and sliced red and green chilli

Sambal Timun

Organic cucumbers with petai or eggplant
or belimbing (with or without prawns)
or a mix



Sambal Belacan

Steamed Fragrant Thai
White/Mixed Brown Rice

Buah Keluak Sambal

With tamarind, lemongrass, galangal and chilli

Organic Achar

Vegetables pickled with fresh tumeric
spices and sesame seeds

Buah Keluak Fried Organic Brown Rice

OR Red/ Black Rice with Hae Bee Hiam optional

Nasi Lemak

With fried Ikan Bilis and Peanuts


Choose One

Sugee Cake

With Gula Melaka cream cheese frosting with dessicated
coconut OR roasted chopped almonds


With red beans, attap chee (palm fruit)
and Gula Melaka syrup

Bailey’s Cheesecake

With dark chocolate swirl and
a dark chocolate base

Pulot Hitam

Glutinous black rice with coconut milk OR vanilla
bean ice cream and gula melaka syrup


In homemade chocolate sponge cake,
expresso, Bailey’s and dark rum

Tapioca Kueh

Semi-soft, chewy and fragrant, made from pandan
leaves, eggs and coconut milk.

Baked Blueberry Cheesecake

With mascarpone and cream cheese
and a dark chocolate base

Sacher Torte

Dark chocolate cake with dark
chocolate Ganache

Burbur Cha Cha

With three types of sweet potato, yam and
tapioca jelly, sago and Gula Melaka

Bailey’s Dark Chocolate Mud Cake

With Bailey’s cream cheese frosting

Sago with Melon

With mango and Gula Melaka

Dark Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cake

With chocolate cinnamon buttercream frosting;

Complimentary assorted Teas and Coffee!

Available Wine pairing (sparkling, white or red)
@ $60 per bottle!

Some of the folks that experienced our home private-dining.

"A delicious evening of soulful Peranakan food, great conversation and much laughter. A privilege to experience Lynnette’s Kitchen!"
Sharon Lim
Strategic Content Director, The ATE Group
"We had such a wonderful time savouring your swooningly scrumptious food, meeting new friends, swapping stories and laughing the night away!"
Desmond Sim
Playwright, TheatreWorks