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Unbeknownst to many who know of her, Cultural Medallion winner and Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame inductee, Lynnette Seah, has long been delighting her friends from the kitchen with her gastronomic feasts.

Encouraged by her friends who wished to invite other friends to enjoy her cooking, Lynnette would like to extend her dining circle to paying private parties at her home, available only to friends and referrals.

Considered amongst the outstanding dishes in her repertoire are Lynnette’s rendition of her classic mushroom risotto and the buah keluak fried rice, her own original creation.

Good in more than just taste.


Lynnette’s original buah keluak rice

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Authentic home-cooked dining with the freshest ingredients and spices.


Lynnette’s forte


Her classic interpretations


A very serious Asian affair


A course in itself

Salut d’Amour.


“Cooking is a

celebration of  love.”

Lynnette Seah

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Maestro in the Kitchen

Lynnette Seah

As an acclaimed violinist who currently serves as co-concertmaster in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Lynnette Seah is no stranger to the hard work that has often required her unfailing dedication. Lynnette’s music will always be a medium to where her sentiments and emotions are heard. Her passion for music has carried over into her love for cooking, a culinary journey that has led to many dinner parties where she delighted her hungry friends with her ensemble of gourmet creations.

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Whether hosting a dinner in the comfort of Lynnette’s home or a private party at your own home with Lynnette as a guest chef, simply WhatsApp +65 90102901 or contact us online. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible. 

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We’re glad you dropped by Lynnette’s Kitchen. Lynnette will be posting recipes of her creations from time to time and she’ll be most pleased if you try out her recipes.